1976-1980 National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, B.S., Food Science

1981-1986 Ohio State University, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

1987-1989 Ohio State University, Postdoctoral fellow, Molecular Biology

1990-1992 Baylor College of Medicine, Postdoctoral fellow, Human Genetics



1980-1981 Research Assistant, Food Industry Research Institute, Taiwan

1993-1995 Scientist, Millennium Pharmaceutical Inc., Boston, MA

1995-1997 Senior Scientist, Darwin Molecular Corp., Seattle, WA

1997-2002 Research Associate Professor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

2002-2006 Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco

2006- pres Professor, University of California, San Francisco



2006 Sleep Science Award, American Academy of Neurology

2006 Bauer Foundation Colloquium Distinguished Guest, Brandeis University, Boston, MA

2008 Distinguished Guest, Bollum Symposium, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2009 Distinguished visiting professorship, Tamkang University, Taiwan

2012 Faculty Research Lecture in Basic Research, UCSF

2012 Presidential Lecture, University of Vermont



American Society of Human Genetics

Society for Neuroscience

Society for Research on Biological Rhythms

Sleep Research Society



2000   Circadian Biology, Kobe, Japan

2001    Society for Neuroscience, 31st Annual Meeting, San Diego, California

2001    American Society of Human Genetics, 51st Annual Meeting, San Diego, California

2002   American Society of Human Genetics, 52nd Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

2003   Frontier in Neurosicence, UCSF

2005   American Academy of Neurology, 57th Annual Meeting, Miami, FL

2005   Society for Neuroscience, 35th Annual Meeting, Special Lecture, Washington, DC

2006   Bauer Foundation Colloquium Distinguished Guest, Brandeis University, Boston, MA

2006   Washington University, St. Louis, MO

2006   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2006   Pathogenesis & Repair in Multiple Sclerosis, Cambridge, MA

2007   Gordon Research Conference (Genomic disorder), Newport Beach, RI

2007   Fabisch Symposium, International Nuclear Envelop Meeting. Berlin, Germany

2007   5th Sino-US Symposium on Medicine in the 21st Century, Shanghai, China

2008   Keystone Symposium on the Genetics and Biochemistry of Sleep, Tahoe, CA, 

2008   Genomic Disorders, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK

2008    Bollum Symposium, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2008    Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, 11th Biennial Meeting, Sandestin, FL

2008    The Role of Genetics and Gene Expression in Sleep Regulation and Dysregulation,

              The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY

2008    MBL, Woodshole, MA

2008    American Neurological Association, Salt Lake City, UT

2008    International Congress of Neuroimmunology, Fort Worth, TX

2008    American Society of Human Genetics, Section Chair, Philadelphia, PA

2008    Society for Neurosicence, Washington DC

2008    American Society of Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA

2009    EMBO nuclear envelop workshop, Vienna, Austria

2009    Frontier in Neuroscience, UCSF

2009    University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

2009    Visiting professorship, Danjang University, Taipei, Taiwan

2009    Gordon Research Conference (Circadian and Sleep Biology), Newport Beach, RI

2009    Asian Sleep Research Society, Osaka, Japan

2010    Symposium; Neuroscience for Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Stanford University, CA

2010    Neuroscience Seminar, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY

2010    NIDDK, Circadian rhythm and metabolism, Bethesda MD

2010    Spring Symposium, UCSF Graduate Program in Physical Therapy, San Francisco, CA

2010    Scientific Symposium, United Leukodystrophy Foundation, DeKalb, IL

2010    World Technology Summit nomination

2010    Neuroscience Seminar, Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences, University of  

            Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA  

2011    Endocrinology grand round, UCSF

2011    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Washington DC

2011    American Academy of Neurology, Honolulu, HI

2011    UCLA Neurology Grand Round, Los Angeles, CA

2011    UCLA Neurogenetics Affinity Special Lecture

2011    World Sleep Conference, Kyoto, Japan

2011    International Symposium on Photonic Bioimaging, Sapporo, Japan

2012    University of Vermont, Presidential lecture, Burlington, VT

2012    10th Anniversary for Model Animal Research Center of Nanjing University, China

2012    Asia Sleep Research Society meeting, Taipei, Taiwan

2012    Stanford University, Sleep Center Grand Round

2013    UCSF Biomedical Sciences Program Formal Seminar 

2013    UCLA Neurogenetics conference

2013   50th Anniversary Department of Neurology for Ruijin Hospital and 10th Anniversary Institute of

           Neuroscience Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China